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By Britten Larue

 "Seeding the Year: Setting Intentions with the Symbolic Language of Astrology 2021 is the third annual version of my dream to offer people a way to connect the language of astrology and the tarot to the rhythm of the wheel of the year with the overall goal to support your dreaming, intention-setting, healing, and manifesting in the year ahead.

Seeding the Year is another collaboration with my friend and design partner Angela George of By George Partners. Our first project together was actually Seeding 2020. I have the names of everyone who ordered this last year. Please reach out to me if you'd like a discount code for 10% off this year's edition.

For this year’s book, we dramatically expanded and revisioned what this book can be. Recently I heard from Ashley E. in Arizona, a friend of my workbook projects, who says: “We are all so grateful for your amazing gifts. Seeding the Year is an absolute revolution in how its grown since last year! Thank you for sharing your magic with the world!” Heart swells!

Here are some differences from last year’s workbook:

  • gorgeous new designs IN COLOR that reflect the quality of Living the Signs and Moon to Moon, but with subtly different fonts and styling just for Seeding (the goal is that you can feel that you're experiencing a book from us, but that it has a distinctly different vibe than what you're used to)

  • revised text for contemplating the prior 12 months, to reflect the wild year 2020 has been so that you can properly honor it before looking ahead (a really important step in the process of threshold passage)

  • a new section with a 2021 astrological forecast and tips on how to understand the year ahead from your chart

  • the beloved sections on intention-setting with the archetypes of astrology, now including tips for contemplating The Hierophant, which is the collective card of the year for 2021 (2+0+2+1 = 5 = Hierophant)

  • my personal tarot spreads for calling in the Year Ahead

  • a pictorial story with stunning photography by Angela to capture the beauty of plants in various stages of growth and change (analogous to your own processes)

  • and finally - very excited about this - an all-new section called Tending the Year, with guidance for regrouping at each quarter (equinoxes and solstices) to check in with your intentions: releasing what you're no longer calling in and attuning to what's wanting to come through... Because the truth is that setting intentions for a whole 12 months isn't that helpful if you aren't tending to them this way"

(images and copy provided by By George)

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