Mandarin Fantome

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MANDARIN FANTÔME - Embark on a vibrant olfactory journey with MANDARIN FANTÔME, a fragrance that bursts to life with the invigorating notes of mandarin and pear, accompanied by the delicate allure of lily of the valley. As the scent unfolds, the embrace of musk, vetiver, and apponax creates a harmonious interplay of freshness and depth. The subtle smokiness of cade and birch adds a sophisticated touch to this composition, leaving a captivating and lingering impression that is both alluring and refined.Fragrance NOTES: Mandarin, pear, lily of the valley, musk, vetiver, apponax, cade and birch.

  • Coconut & Beeswax
  • 8.8oz / 249g
  • Approximately 55+ hours burn time

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