Jojoba Face Scrub

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a gentle face scrub to exfoliate + moisturize dull, dry skin.

what it is.
an exfoliating treatment that gently buffs away dullness + dryness leaving skin feeling softer, smoother + refreshed.

how it works.
our gentle face scrub thoroughly buffs away dull, dry skin and excess oil while keeping skin soothed and moisturized. suspended in a nourishing cream base, biodegradable jojoba oil beads are blended with natural rice powders to physically exfoliate the skin’s surface for a renewed, healthier looking skin. ideal for those with dry, uneven skin or as a pre-shave facial scrub. suitable for all skin types, including sensitive.

why you need it.
our non-abrasive formula uses a blend of gentle spherical exfoliants to avoid over scrubbing. moisturizes + exfoliates in 1 simple step. vegan + cruelty free. dermatologist-tested.

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