Mid Splash Proof Pouch

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WT162-RUBC Summit Rubicon
17760-0160 Snow Leopard Ghost
CT191-HTOL Camo Hunter/Olive
13302-0102 Pinstripe Black/White
WLFP1-LFP1 Hibiscus Palm
  • The Mid Pouch is the ultimate organizer. It's our go-to bag for travel, adventures, and beach days.
  • 11.5" W x 8.5" H
  • 2" gusset
  • Features a white interior
  • SPLASH-PROOF® is the next best thing to waterproof! Your belongings will be protected from a light splash, light rain, or a cocktail spillage, but please do not submerge your ALOHA Collection pouch with belongings inside. The zipper and seams of ALOHA Collection bags are not watertight.

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