Bioglitter Sunscreen - Love Shack (4.5oz)

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A subtle and practical new take; reformulated from scratch to be your go-to sunscreen with next level shimmer. All day. Any day. Every day.  Festivals and pool parties? Of course. But you won't think twice about wearing it to a business brunch or cocktail party either.   Plant-based glitter: Next-generation, European-made plant-based glitters degrades after 28 days in freshwater. Verified by independent testing   Ethically Sourced Micas: Folded-in shimmers provide a subtle highlight effect that plays off of natural light   Paraben-free, oxybenzone- free, octinoxate-free formula conforms to the new environmental standards, set by the State of Hawaii  - 4.5 fl oz/ 133mL tube - Broad spectrum SPF 30 - UVA/UVB Protection - Water resistant (80 Minutes) - 100% Vegan & Cruelty-Free - Made in the USA

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