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Waterman Trunk

Waterman Trunk

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In the mid-50s Katin Co-founder, Walter Katin sat at his sewing machine and made the very first pair of Katin trunks - The Watermans. Since then, the original iconic silhouette remains in our trunk collection and pays homage to Walter Katin and his unparalleled craft. 

  • Katin's original 100% nylon¬¨‚Ćreversed flight satin surf trunk
  • Side cargo pocket
  • Original K-Man Katin patch
  • Snap fly closure
  • Boat rope drawstring¬¨‚Ć
  • Interior clean finish
  • Signature 2‚Äö√Ñ√π waistband
  • 18‚Äö√Ñ√π¬¨‚Ä†out seam

Model is 6'3, 155lbs and wears a size 30

Each pair of Katin trunks also comes complete with an original Katin banana boat float keychain. 

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