Quacks Like a Duck

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Written by an australian living in the us, quacks like a duck is a celebration of finding your people anywhere you go…even if it’s in costume and on the other side of the world.  

Petunia the platypus heads to her first party since arriving from australia. She has the present, a party hat, and a pavlova, but it’s a costume party and she doesn’t have a costume! Everyone asks what she’s supposed to be: “are you a duck?” “do you have webbed feet?” “can you lay eggs?” even without a costume, petunia stands out, and all of the other party guests give her a full-on identity crisis! Will she, with her weird quirks, ever fit in?  

For anyone who has ever felt out of place—from moving to a new country to moving to a new school—quacks like a duck is a charming tale of acceptance and individuality that will have you laughing and embracing your own quirks and differences with pride.  

*jacketed hardcover*

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