Men's Homme Collection Body Wash Infused Buffer

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Nourish his skin with Spongellé’s Homme Collection, a strikingly seductive blend of triple butter body wash and gentle exfoliation to cleanse and soften. 

Created by a master perfumer, this collection blends luxurious mango, shea, cocoa butters, and extracts powered by the three C’s (cypress, comfrey, and cucumber) for a truly elevated bathing experience. Decadent and ultra soft, this lush aromatic sponge boasts tons of suds and over 20+ washes.

BOLD - Smells Like: Musky, woodsy bubbles of clean; Feels Like: An earthy bath in a wooden cabin; Fragrance Notes: Top: Green Tea, Middle: Hemp, Base: Vetiver

BRAVE - Smells Like: Fresh, juicy citrus served alfresco; Feels Like: A weekend away at a luxurious resort; Fragrance Notes: Top: Grapefruit, Middle: Orange Blossom, Base: Amber

GALLANT - Smells Like: An energizing morning cocktail with a twist of lemon; Feels Like: Breakfast on the balcony while lounging in a handsome robe; Fragrance Notes: Top: Lemon, Middle: Sage, Base: Musk

  • Built-In Body Wash + Buffer (Dual-Sided)
  • All in One Shower Loofah Ideal for Travel
  • Hefty, Ultra Rich Larger Sponge Boasts Over 20+ Washes
  • Formulated with extracts of Cypress, Comfrey, and Cucumber     
  • Time-Released Lather
  • Dermatologist Tested
  • Vegan Friendly and Non-Toxic
  • Paraben Free
  • Cruelty Free
  • Proprietary Infusion Technology

How to Use: Moisten buffer with water and squeeze to release lather. Massage the body wash in a circular motion to cleanse the skin thoroughly. Rinse and squeeze out excess water after each use.

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