Painted Flower Grow Pail - 100% Organic Grow Kit

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Lavender 97241
Sunflower 97239

Introducing the Painted Flower Grow Pail from Buzzy, a radiant treasure to brighten any space and inspire joy! With its charming decorative handle and vibrant trendy color, this pail doubles as a delightful gift and an exciting project. Embrace the warmth of spring by cultivating your own sunshine with the Grow Kit, which includes a premium seed packet, nutrient-rich growing medium, and clear, concise growing instructions.  

Our seeds are 100% natural and non-GMO, backed by our Guaranteed to Grow promise. Feel assured in your gardening journey with our safe and eco-friendly growing medium. Our dehydrated coconut husk pellets are non-toxic and environmentally friendly, ensuring a sustainable gardening experience. Plus, rest assured with our 100% natural seeds and guaranteed-to-grow promise. If your seeds don't sprout as expected, we'll promptly replace them, ensuring a successful gardening experience from start to finish.

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