Cali’s Books Twinkle Little Star

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Kids learn best through bonding and play. Setting aside time to bond with your kids goes a long way toward their cognitive and emotional development. When supported by security and strong emotional support, children become more responsive to learning new things. Reading stories and singing lullabies are wonderful nighttime activities that help promote better sleep and establish a routine. Learn classic nursery rhymes and sweet lullabies with a fun and engaging interactive children’s music book. You’ll find the lyrics to 6 beloved bedtime songs, including Hush, Little Baby, Rock-a-bye, Baby, Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, Little Boy Blue, Are You Sleeping?, Go To Sleep. Every page has a soft sound button you can push to play a 15-second recording of each delightful tune. Pressing the button and turning the pages will be a tactile delight, coupled with the enjoyment of looking at bright illustrations and eye-catching glitter details. 

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