Cali's Books Spanish 2 Nursery Rhymes- La Vaca Lola

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Cali's Books Spanish Nursery Rhymes Books are an excellent tool for learning Spanish for kids. These bilingual musical rhyme books for babies and toddlers make the perfect gift for any occasion, whether learning or practicing a new language or exposing a child to a different culture. Our baby and toddlers' bilingual interactive Sound books are also a great way to promote calm, develop vocabulary, and keep your baby busy for hours. With our bilingual books for toddlers, your little ones will experience joyful learning and benefit from being exposed to different cultures. Discover our books in Spanish for kids, and enjoy watching your baby singing and clapping along!   

Cali's Books Spanish Nursery Rhymes La Vaca Lola includes six songs: La Vaca Lola, Debajo de un botón, Estrellita Cucú Cantaba La Rana, La Araña Pequeñita, Barco Chiquitito.

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