Very few people know exactly what they are meant to do in life at the age of two. And even fewer actually do it.
Looking back over 60 years, my lineage was prophetic.  My great grandmother worked in a woman's store, my great aunt owned a women's clothing store, and my grandmother owned her own apparel store in Oklahoma City.  Retail was, and still is, in my blood.  As a child I would dream of styling outfits, study fashion magazines, and create my own pieces with linens from my mother's closet.  
Later, I pursued fashion merchandising in college which led me to opportunities learning from some of the most well-known international brands.  Starting as an intern and climbing to VP of merchandising, I spent 20+ years cultivating relationships and knowledge from the best in the industry.  
I found my niche in menswear through an enthusiasm for a shift in the industry.  In recent years, the primary focus has been on the fit rather than a particular label or brand.  The result has been an influx of innovative and successful lines that create a much more diverse range of products for men.  No longer is men's fashion uncomfortable, formal, or defined.
While my initial vision was a DLM men’s store, it has become so much more than that. Three years into making my dream a reality, I realized it could be bigger than just menswear.  Serendipitously, the space directly next door became available, allowing us to double our footprint and to offer women’s, children’s and gifts. I have come to realize my passion for fashion is boundless.
DLM Supply was founded in Oak Cliff as a small store with big dreams. We search for style that is cozy, distinctive, and complimentary to each client.  We can outfit your apparel, accessory, grooming and/or footwear needs with a carefully curated collection of brands.  We embody the spirit of small business with global influence and look forward to sharing our experience with you.  
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